Friday, May 15, 2015

Grateful dead

Oh hi, to everyone that reads this and occasionally visits my blog.
There has not been much happening recent days - except of my work on BOTB entry, that consumes all my space time. But still understandably sometimes I just get tired of the same piece that I have been seeing ... seems like ages...
And sometimes I just need to rest my eyes and look for some other inspiration, and maybe do something else.

This time while surfing the waves of the almighty internet, I came across the photos, that became my inspiration. So I search my bead supply stash and went out of my comfort zone and made something different.

The inspiration came from the festivals in Latino America and the cult related to Santa Muerta (saint Death) that supposedly is the patron of poor and all the criminals. Why? Because she treats everyone the same. She visits anyone. Anyway I do not want to be creepy, but the cult seemed interesting (I saw some of the documentaries and read some articles on that earlier) and now I saw some professional photo shooting portraits on this theme. And got inspired. The result is to your judging.

Boho bracelet Grateful Dead.

And as always you can read more and find this item in my Etsy Shop.

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