Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Round 3, my Serbian holidays and finish of BOTB`15

Well hello there. It has been a while since my last post and actually I do not have much to show.
I've been busy with learning how to crochet bead ropes (some new projects will follow later in the future), went on a short 2 weeks vacation to Serbia to see my family and yes, I`ve been busy with BOTB`15 competition.

While on vacation I have received news that Valkyrie has entered round 3 and is among 64 best creations. I have not expected that (although somewhere in the back of my mind I have told myself to bring the necklace with me) so improvised photo-shoot with my niece Andjela took place in their yard.

And here is my little bug Teja helping with the arrangements :)

Anyway, although my piece finished it's BOTB journey in the round 3, I am pretty satisfied with the fisrt year results and I already think about the new creations for the upcoming next years competitions.

I have decided to give up craft shows in Czech Republic and invest my time in participation of different challenges and contests. So be ready for more serious work to come.

Till then or till new creations will appear I am sending best regards from all my family :)