Monday, October 1, 2012

Queen Barbara

Once ago, as a story goes, in Grand Duchy of Lithuania, lived a beautiful woman, young widow Barbara.
She was so true, that young King Zygmunt II August fell in love with her and she became a queen.

This is my small tribute to her and to the lovely love story...

Queen Barbara "Karaliene Barbora"

Wild Child

Some time ago I came across an interesting set of molds for cabochons and thought to myself "Why not?"
So after some consideration, time and .... well brainstorming :)

New earrings "Wild Child" :) Just cannot help myself they are so cute :)

New bracelet

Again I am trying something new for myself. So a new technique and new result.
Bracelet "Amber drops"

Back to the Violet Mania

And again after some time I am returning to my Violet Mania series and introduce my new necklace "Spider Queen"