Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let the Battle begin

Today is the day that I finally and 100% am sure of my participation in Battle of The Beadsmith 2015.

Thank you Steven for accepting me, thank you for giving clear rules to follow and I hope that I will make a piece worth of the participation.

I already have the project for my creation and can't wait for April 1st to start working on it. But I am proud that I have clear conception of what I am going to do, conception of how I am gonna present it and I hope to have a really good experience of this contest.

Cheers :)

Bead embroidered clutch - Lady Marmelade

After some time I have decided to return and try to make bread embroidered clutch. The materials were chosen and it took some time for me to finish it, but I have come to the realization that I love the result and the color combination.
At some point it have reminded me of my visit to Paris and Moulin Rouge and all the movies about it - so here it is "Lady Marmelade"

This purse/clutch is also available on my Etsy shop - here

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bead embroidered statement necklace - Dreaming Seahorses

Sea theme was always inspirational to me and a few months ago my friend and teacher posted a photo of the necklace with two seahorses.
That was the beginning, then came the search for the inspiration and pattern, combination and slow process begun.
It took me more than a month to finish this piece, but I am very proud of it - as it is a first fully bead embroidered necklace of such size and I hope a good exercise before starting The Battle Of the Beadsmith 2015 piece (yes, I got to the list this year).

Ladies and Gents - let me introduce - Dreaming Seahorses

Available at my Etsy shop - here

Monday, February 2, 2015

Blast like a Supernova

It has been a while. With no time to post, no time to take a photo shoot or do some decent beading or at least it was taking a slow pace.
With my girl growing each day less time for beading is left for me, but still I try to find some time for my favorite hobby.

So, new year has come (Happy new one - for those who read), all the celebrations have come to past and some new inspirations came.

First, but not last - that successfully helped me to use my bead stash and some of the pieces that were gathering dust....

Necklace - Supernova - with solar quartz cabochon druzy titanium agate, Czech glass and seed beads, (new to me) memory wire and finished with magnetic clasp for a bigger security :)