Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brown Sugar

A small piece of work and experiment with a new technique.

Let me introduce to you - "Brown Sugar"

Queen of Serpents

After some of my experimentation's with FIMO clay I created unique cabochon that became a central piece of this new necklace.

Queen of Serpents - unique designed necklace that was inspired by ancient Lithuanian folk tale - Egle The Queen of Serpents.

For making this necklace I have used the following materials: FIMO clay, amber, Czech beads, leather.

This is a small dedication to my home country and for those who are interested in the story behind this necklace, please read bellow:

At the beginning a young girl Eglė after bathing with her two sisters discovers a serpent in her clothes. Speaking in a human voice, the serpent agrees to go away only after Eglė pledges herself to him in exchange for his leaving the clothes, not realising the possible consequences. Three days passed, thousands of serpents come for the bride, but are tricked by her relatives three times in a row. A goose, a sheep and a cow are given instead but the cuckoo warns about the deceit every time. Enraged serpents return the final time and take Eglė with them to the bottom of the sea to their master.
Instead of seeing a serpent, Eglė meets her bridegroom Žilvinas, a handsome human, the Serpent Prince. They live together happily and bear four children, until Eglė decides to visit home and her husband denies it. In order to be allowed to visit home, Eglė is required to fulfil three impossible tasks: to spin a never-ending tuft of silk, wear down a pair of ironshoes and to bake a pie with no utensils. After she gets advice from the sorceress and succeeds, Eglė and the children are reluctantly let go by Žilvinas.
After meeting the long lost family members, Eglė's relatives do not wish to let them back to the sea and decide to kill Žilvinas. His sons are forced by Eglė's brothers to tell the secret calling of their father. The boys are threatened and beaten by their uncles, however they remain silent and do not betray their father. Finally, a frightened daughter discloses it:
"Žilvinas, dear Žilvinas,
If alive – may the sea foam milk
If dead – may the sea foam blood…"
The twelve brothers call Žilvinas the Serpent from the sea and kill him using scythes.
Worried Eglė calls her husband, but unfortunately only foams of blood return from the sea. When Eglė discovers that her beloved is dead, as a punishment for betrayal she turns her children and herself into trees. The sons were turned into strong trees, an oakash and birch, whereas the daughter was turned into a common aspen. Finally, Eglė transformed herself into a spruce.