Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Valkyrie for round 2

Wohoooo... It is official - Valkyrie goes for the round 2 in the Battle of the Beadsmith.

Fingers crossed :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Finally it is here - Valkyrie

Gosh. Finally my work was posted and I can share my BOTB'15 entry with you.
It has been a difficult time, but now - just votes are before me and either I go to the next round or leave at this. Either way it has been a wonderful experience and it gives me joy to see that I am among the best.

This is how it begins - when idea transforms into project.
My love for the mythology and especially Norse and Celtic. Well this time I went into Norse and Vikings. Norse dragons that appear on houses and ships, they have inspired me and when I thought about who should be wearing this - why not Valkyrie? She's strong, she's a fighter. She should be the one to wear it.

Necklace - Valkyrie

Finally I'm here :) - thanks for waiting.

Friday, June 5, 2015

BOTB'15 update

short update - with a lot of hesitation - the pictures and descriptions of my BOTB'15 piece are finally sent.

A small sneaky peek for those who follow:

Technical Flower steampunked

I adore steampunk style, just love it. Although I must admit that I still do not dare to create something of that style. But maybe, just maybe my last creation already comes close to steam-punk conception.

Technical Flower necklace.
Inspired by architectural styles and nature. Something in between of both, Fist creation that actually comes from a small cooperation with another artist - Violet Creations. She has made fabulous polymer clay cabochon that I have used.

Introducing -

As always you can find this creation at my Etsy shop.