Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black star

This was and is one of my older creations. One of those that waited for their time to step into the show. And this is one of those rate cases, that I work with bead weaving only (although I must admit this October, I left put bead embroidery aside and worked almost on beadweaving only).

Black Star
For exceptional woman, the star of the evening dress. Vintage look and feel.
I must admit I love this piece.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Productive October - Coral Reef

This October is somehow very productive for me. Yes, I admit that some of my works, that I share are older ones, the ones that waited for their photo-shoot, but only some of them.
During the summer I have finally learned bead crochet technique - so I have crocheted couple of ropes for the future necklaces. One of them is already available and here I am glad to share this creation - crocheted and bead embroidered necklace - Coral Reef - with the scent of deep blue sea and waving coral branches.

As always available on my Etsy and Amazon Handmade shops.

Abstract painting

You know what I love about doing the challenges? The variety of themes and possibility to create something going out of your comfort zone.
Last challenge that I've entered was in spring and yes, it was Game of Thrones, so lots of inspiration there. But this time again I have decided to enter Etsy Beadweavers Team monthly challenge - and it was "Abstract Painting".
This time it was totally out of my comfort zone, although very inspirational. I bought some artist made polymer clay cabochons (and still have plenty of them) that gave me the color idea and well.... found my soutache strands again.
It has been a while since I last did soutache jewelry, but again I suppose this theme and this fabulous cabochon that I used suggested the technique, not talking about the theme.
So this is and was my entry for ABSTRACT PAINTING.

Soutache necklace - La Prima Vera

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

VooDoo Queen

Does anyone remember - Blues Brothers - not the first movie, but the second one and their journey to New Orleans and voodoo queen.
I do, not all the times of course, but on the times like these yes, and that is where my inspiration came from - colorful, lively and yes, a bit of Halloween, but mostly Voodoo soup for a real Queen of Voodoo.

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Longing for a spring

Autumn at it's worst just had started, and I already miss the sun and spring. I love the time when nature awakes and everything is covered in green again and the air is filled with scents of blooming trees.

And yes, as almost everyone - I love blooming sakura trees and their gentle appeal. This work was made for one of the team challenges - theme Japan, but did not make it there. And after a few months of waiting for photo shoot time - I would like to introduce you to -

Blooming Sakura

Softly flowing
Soaring higher
Carried on the gentlest breeze

Pale pink shade
Smooth as silk
Slowly falling from the trees

Gently blowing
Round and round
Twirling, swirling to and fro

Just in spring
With sunlight's touch
Will cherry blossoms grow

Materials: super duo beads, Czech seed beads, Travertine beads, Czech glass beads, memory wire, metal clasp.

And as always available at my Etsy shop or at Amazon Handmade.


Here are some news folks - yes, I've been busy and quite some new things were done, but this time - let's share the news that have been buzzing the craft world for a while - AMAZON Handmade.

Yes, we are hare and finally live - so if looking for my works, you can now choose between my Etsy and Amazon Handmade shops - just look for Craft Niche Dili and I am there.

Another farewell

Another farewell and my baby creation has gone to it's new home.
It took a long time, but finally "Autumn Sun" has found it's owner and I really hope that she will love this necklace.