Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scarab flight

I've been busy, I've been lazy and I had so few time to do things that I love.
My precious little bug is taking all the time that I have and not much time left for the crafts although I cannot say, that I have been lazy... just the work goes slowly and not mentioning the photo shoots :)

Well, I have sold two pieces recently, my soutache brooch "Tenderness" went to USA, one small necklace went to the lady in Prague (this one I even did not get the chance to take photo... )

And a few other new pieces were made - one of them necklace Scarab Flight

This time I have used - hand made polymer clay cabochon that I have made myself (it just has been waiting for its time), glass bicones, Czech rokajl and preciosa beads, natural leather backing and magnetic clasp.

Techniques: bead embroidery and bead weaving.