Monday, October 21, 2013

English rose - set

It is something that I still haven't tried - to use round flower cameos/cabochons - I saw and bought those at eBay a while ago and was thinking about how to use those pretties ...

Finally got some more of inspiration and the result English Rose - a set consisting of earrings, pendant and adjustable ring.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Evening sun

Got fascinated by last sparkles of the sun and the jasper...
Got inspired... by the autumn colors...

Introducing Evening Sun - Czech seed beads (preciosa, rokajl), Baltic amber, jasper, magnetic clasp.

Tree of Life

I suppose I got caught by the Indian summer colors and just could not escape them...
Violet and brown color palette, Baltic amber, metal findings and magnetic clasp - and here you go :)

Tree of Life

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ray of Light

Ok, this is not this week creation - this is something I have started a while ago and then left it unfinished... the returned to it... finished but had no way of taking photo as waited for the chance to get a new replacement for my old Olympus (blah...) :)

Now my new Canon is here :) and the Ray of Light has got it's chance to see the world

Autumn Sun

The second of this weeks creations - pendant/necklace - Autumn Sun.

Materials used - Multi-color jasper pendant, Baltic amber, Czech seed beads (preciosa), magnetic clasp.

Indian Summer

It has been a really inspirational week for me. So much inspiration that went into new creations :)

First of these two creations - necklace Indian Summer.

Got some inspiration by the early autumn colors and jasper. And this is the result.

Materials used - Multi-color picasso jasper pendant, Multi-color Picasso Jasper Round Gem Beads, Baltic amber, Czech seed beads (preciosa), magnetic clasp.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lady of the Green Lake

After the big bang with the Deep Blue Ocean some smaller inspiration came -

The Lady of the Green Lake

Back again

It has really been a while since the last news and last creations.
Maybe it was a lack of inspiration or motivation, or just other things on my mind - nevertheless, finally I am back with something new.

This time the colors came as an inspiration and the theme - color palette. Once I've decided to participate this challenge I had to choose the color palette and that is where the blue comes.

The combination of dimensional bead embroidery, bead-weaving and free-form beading that finished in one creation - Deep Blue Ocean

and the color inspiration -