Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Longing for a spring

Autumn at it's worst just had started, and I already miss the sun and spring. I love the time when nature awakes and everything is covered in green again and the air is filled with scents of blooming trees.

And yes, as almost everyone - I love blooming sakura trees and their gentle appeal. This work was made for one of the team challenges - theme Japan, but did not make it there. And after a few months of waiting for photo shoot time - I would like to introduce you to -

Blooming Sakura

Softly flowing
Soaring higher
Carried on the gentlest breeze

Pale pink shade
Smooth as silk
Slowly falling from the trees

Gently blowing
Round and round
Twirling, swirling to and fro

Just in spring
With sunlight's touch
Will cherry blossoms grow

Materials: super duo beads, Czech seed beads, Travertine beads, Czech glass beads, memory wire, metal clasp.

And as always available at my Etsy shop or at Amazon Handmade.

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