Monday, May 25, 2015

Flowers of Winterfell

Something to rest my eyes and mind after finishing my B.O.T.B'15 piece (yes, it is finished already and photos just need small editing and will be off).

June challenge at fellow ETSY beadweavers team was pronounced and theme was chosen by my fellow member and friend Edita. This time we all needed to look for the inspiration at "The Game of Thrones" TV series.

I must admit that imagination runs wild, and I had dozen ideas for the different creations, but when I calmed myself down - I thought about the Winterfell and Stark women. Beautiful and fragile as flowers, but also hard strugling for their survival and never giving up. Just as fragile flower blossoms in cold north winds, that bloom and give a ray of joy.

Flowers of Winterfell. (and yes, that is me :) )

 and a bit fun on the side, with my little precious helper and inspiration.

 Cheers to all.
As always you can find this necklace at my Etsy shop.

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