Thursday, March 12, 2015

Custom order - seahorse

As I have mentioned before - I have received a custom order that was rather a challenge to me and I am glad that I have managed to fulfill the clients wish and she is satisfied with the result.

The color and theme inspiration came from my recent work - necklace "Dreaming seahorses" - the client has contacted me with the question - would I be able to create a small brooch approx. 5 cm size with a shape of seahorse using the same color palette as in the necklace.

Well, the size was a challenge and problem, as the original seahorse is two times bigger than the new one, but giving a try I have created the smallest version that could be bead embroidered and here is the result (I am sorry for the photo quality, but being in hurry I was able to take photos only with a phone).


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