Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts on beading - I'm a true bead addict

Today I have read very true description of Beaders evolution and I find that I must borrow a part of the text and say:

Hello, My name is Ringaile and I am a beadaholic.
There are many attributes for this stage, not all beaders have All of the symptoms, but they have more than a few.
  • The bead stash grows. No longer is a shoebox sufficient to hold those beauties. Some addicts even need an entire room in the home, commonly referred to as “the studio”, the existence of which is envied by other addicts. Decorating tips, storage tips give a whole new opportunity for “bead talk”.
  • Purchases of beads are celebrated with other beaders, but often are hidden from family, a spouse and non-beading friends. Not out of shame….but really, it gets tiresome to answer “So, what are you going to do with that?”. If a fellow beader asks that question, and you answer “I don’t know”, they will respond “COOL!” then they drool over the beads and ask “Where can I get some?”
  • You can’t leave a bead store without a purchase . The size of the purchase is often dictated by financial circumstances, however, the draw of the beads, (ooohhh that color) (oooohh that shape), (ooohh ETC!) is too strong to ignore totally.
  • You used to buy jewelry to finish an outfit, now you buy the outfit to wear with the jewelry.
  • Budgets are manipulated to accommodate bead related purchases… who Really needs to eat lunch when those new beads are beckoning?
  • You spend more time with enablers. Bead friends, bead clubs, blogs, online bead friends are all enablers that understand and applaud your position in this evolution of a beader, because they are there too! Ahhh, validation!

Just true words of wisdom from Jamie Cloud Eakin blog -

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