Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After the contest

The contest has finished, as well as some others, that I even did not knew, I was participating in.

I would like to thank you for support in voting for nomination of best "golden-hand" of January in Lithuanian forum it was a short miss, but it gives a great pleasure to know that I was nominated for that.

Thank you for your support in Fler Bead-weaving contest, the results are here.

And what about now? At the moment I am in preparation.
- 14th contest themes have been selected - Dream Lands & Dryads and forest fairies - both promising but I am thinking about the 2nd one.
- Operation Tackle that Bead Stash also given their February Challenge - combination of blue & brown with a twist of using wood.

So here we go :) new creations should be coming soon...

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