Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small break

Small break from work. Not intentional in any case, but I am a bit ill at the moment - some difficulties with eyes, so work goes very slowly... and I need to give an extra care not to weaken the eyes...

In any case I use this period for gathering new ideas for the creations and I hope to come back soon with something new and exciting. Actually I'm already stuck in the middle of the process for new necklace and I know I have promised to leave violet color theme alone - but... that's me :) I have just decided to use the beads that I have and leave nothing...

So you should wait for:
- new violet dreams (3 new pieces finished and waiting for a nice weather for photo shoot)
- new big piece of violet necklace - I suppose this one will be the biggest one that I have made up till today (Still in process and awaits for better condition of my eyes).

And you know I have decided that maybe I will do a small give away for my fans... but shh.... it is a small secret and I will tell you later :)

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